A deep dive into the filmography of one of the most energetic (and popular) filmmakers of all time leads the club watch the nihilistic anger scream Dangerous Encounters of the First Kind (1980) and the maximum fun blast that is Peking Opera Blues (1986) Justin explains why HK cinema is his favorite in the world, Will is a scholar of Chinese history (not really) and they both wax rhapsodical about the wonders of mutating monster wrestlers in BLACK MASK 2: CITY OF MASKS. Its the most action-packed episode yet!

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Three lazybones friends manufacture a firebomb and place it in a cinema. Pearl, a sadistic young girl, has observed the scene, follows the bombers and starts to manipulate them. The four criminals plan more and more daring acts.

Peking Opera Blues (traditional Chinese: 刀馬旦; simplified Chinese: 刀马旦; pinyin: Dāo Mǎ Dàn; Jyutping: Dou1 Mah5 Daan2; Cantonese Yale: Dòu Máah Dáan) is a 1986 Hong Kong film directed by Tsui Hark. The movie combines comedy, Hong Kong action, and serious drama with scenes involving Peking Opera. Director Tsui Hark described the film as a satire on the “Chinese ignorance of democracy.”The film was nominated for six awards at the Hong Kong Film Awards including Best Actress.

Fashion designer Marcus Ray (Jean-Claude Van Damme) has been selling knockoff jeans in Hong Kong, but he’s about to get caught — and not just by his partner, Tommy (Rob Schneider), who’s an undercover CIA agent. Marcus’ boss, Karen (Lela Rochon), also CIA, is threatening to throw the book at him too if he doesn’t prove he’s gone straight. But nothing is what it seems, and other forces are conspiring against the fashion designer, including KGB operatives and Russian double agents.


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